Sunday, November 23, 2008

LDS Supplies to Order for the Humanitarian Calling

Here are the helps from the LDS church for the humanitarian calling. Anyone can order these to help you in your service needs.

I am going to put the pamphlets in my humanitarian donation box and encourage people to take them. They are free!

I have also ordered 2 "In the Service of Your God" DVD's and will also put those in the donation box to loan out. (I am going to put a sticker on them to remind people to return them back to the donation box in 2 weeks.) This DVD will be great to watch for Family Home Evening.

LDS Church web site for ordering supplies:

Pure Religion Pamphlet (free) - Item number: 35510000

In the Service of Your God DVD - ($4.50 each or $1.50 each if you order 50) - Item number 54645000

Pure Religion: The Story of Welfare Since 1930 Book - ($19.75) - Item number 35247000

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