Friday, November 19, 2010

Humanitarian Helpers Hits Newsstands in Mormon Times!

Thank you to Emily Jensen of Mormon Times (a division of Deseret News) for writing this great article about my humanitarian blog, Humanitarian Helpers! Mormon Times is distributed in Deseret News, Church News and Emily had contacted me about writing an article and I happily accepted.

(Click on the article to go to the Mormon Times online article.)

The article is also online.
The good word of humanitarian giving continues to spread! YEA!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Scarves for Military in Afghanistan

Donate handmade scarves for our troops!

Must be made from 100% wool or cotton. NO ACRYLICS please! No fleece per military requirements.

Tropical Sore Bandages

Are you a tropical sore bandage expert? But, you are no longer making them because the LDS Humanitarian room is no longer accepting them?

Well, thanks to Bev in Logandale, NV you now have a place to donate your bandages. Thanks for the link, Bev!