Friday, May 1, 2009

Enrichment Night Idea - Humanitarian Service Night

This would be a great idea not only for Relief Society Enrichment Night, but for Young Women, as well.

A Night of Sisters of Service
We had four stations for the sisters to rotate through that evening. We offered a table of refreshments that were finger foods. (Veggies and dips. Fruits and finger treats.) It made it easy for the sisters to come and go to the refreshment table throughout the evening.

Missionary Letters
A table was organized with everything needed for each sister to write to as many missionaries as they could. We took the responsibility of addressing the large envelope and mailing them to the missionaries.

We had four child size quilts set up for the sisters to help tie. The quilts were part of an eagle project and were to be delivered to Primary Children's Hospital.

Cards for Care Centers
Several tables were organized with everything one would need to make an amazing home-made greeting card. You can imagine how the "scrapbookers' got into this. The cards were beautiful. The sisters were very creative. These cards were given to care centers for the residents to use.

Soups to Freeze
Weeks ahead of time we invited our sisters to sign up to bring a homemade soup and the written recipe with them that evening. Each soup was placed in a double ziploc freezer bag labeled with ingredients and recipe. These soups are in our compassionate service leader's freezer. She can use them at any time of need. We usually ask a visiting teacher to add bread, salad and desert. This has been so helpful.

Source: I received this handout from a Relief Stake leadership meeting.