Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Spread the Word" - Literacy Organization in Henderson, NV

Spread the Word

Spread the Word is a literacy charitable organization operated out of Henderson. I spoke with Lisa, the director, and enjoyed her passion for her job and the children that they serve. They have been operating 8 years. They take 2 new schools on each year and now have 16 low income schools. They give a canvas bag to each child in that school with 5 books in it to start their “home library”. Then, they get a new book each month. A lot of these books go into homes that do not speak English by the parents. So, it is a literacy campaign, as well as an English language campaign.

How Your Organization Can Help:
They need new or gently used books for elementary aged children.
They just gave away their 1.5 millionth book!

You can drop off gently used book to help fight illiteracy at any Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Henderson, NV or Las Vegas, NV

They also need volunteer groups to have book cleaning parties. (They will bring the books to your church group.) You check the books to see if all of the pages are there, repair books and clean book covers. Any group can help Spread the Word. Since I am working with an LDS group, this would be an activity for any organization in an LDS ward – pack meetings, cub scouts, primary activity days, YM/YW, Elders or HP service project, RS enrichment night, ward activity night etc. etc. – They do need adults to help with this project, so the kids could not be the only ones doing the work!

They also need volunteers to serve breakfast each month at different schools.
They need volunteer readers to read one on one with the children at the schools.
If you are interested in learning more about Spread the Word, how you can help with a cleaning party, or anything else please contact I spoke with Lisa, the director, at 702-564-7809. They are a WONDERFUL organization with very kind and organized leadership.