Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Caring 4 Kids Foundation - Feeding In-Need Children on the Weekends in the Las Vegas, NV Area

The Caring 4 Kids Foundation; a grass roots, volunteer organization set up in 2005 which utilizes the strength of community volunteers and donations to ensure area in-need and homeless children are fed over the weekends.  The Caring 4 Kids Foundation feed about 500 children on a weekly basis with a very specific food needs program.

Items Needed:
Ravioli 15 oz. pop top can
Vienna Sausage 5 oz. pop top can
Water; .5 liter (24 pack) 16 oz. bottles
Snack Pak Pudding variety pack
Fruit Cup
Fruit Juice 6 oz. box
Individual Serving Size Crackers (No peanut butter/nuts)
Individual Serving Size Cookies (No peanut butter/nuts)
Granola Bar
Fruit Snack
Cup of Soup 6 pack (Styrofoam cup ready; just add water)

Donations are accepted Thursdays at the Caring 4 Kids Campus at 330 Tin Street, Henderson, NV 89015. You can also contact the Caring 4 Kids hotline at (702) 544-1400 to make special arrangements for delivery or pick-up of donated items.

Become a volunteer today! It’s easy! Simply submit a volunteer application at our office at 330 Tin Street, Henderson, NV 89015 and we will add your name to our Active Volunteer Database (AVD). We keep volunteers informed of the available opportunities and upcoming events via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and our online newsletter.

Visit the Caring 4 Kids Foundation website for complete information:  http://caring4kidsfoundation.org/