Friday, November 7, 2008

Humanitarian Leaders - Make Donating Items Easy

Here is one key to a successful donation drive. Make donating items very easy for the participants. In my group, I keep a donation box on my porch. Everyone knows that they can leave any donations at any time. It just hides behind a pillar on my porch. I weight it down with a brick inside, so nothing will blow away. I also used containers that have lids that snap shut.

I also take a donation box to my church every week. It goes in our Relief Society room for all three of our meetings. Again, everyone knows that it will be there every week.

We have donation challenges, so we have donations coming in all of the time. These two drop off locations create predictability and organization for everyone involved. It makes giving really easy!

I have two sizes of donation boxes. A smaller one for compact donations (such as winter hats) and a bigger one for bulkier donations (such as games).


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