Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Charity Opportunities in Las Vegas, Nevada

A very helpful post on humanitarian opportunities in the Las Vegas, Nevada area on this post: Las Vegas Volunteer Opportunities

The whole blog is helpful, as well. The Las Vegas Humanitarian Service Room


bevq said...

What a wonderful find your blog is for me!! I am always looking for more 'local' places to help.

I live in Logandale NV and have a website with tons of humanitarian patterns on it:
also humanitarian info here:

Your readers are welcome to use any of those patterns to help in their efforts to comfort others.

Also, wasn't sure if you were aware of Volunteer Angels in Vegas?

Sister Qualheim

bevq said...

I see you are listing Tropical Sore bandages. The LDS Church discontinued accepting those several years ago.
There are still places in the world who will accept them though:



Melanie Hall said...

Hello! Love your blog but am wondering if these opportunities are up to date? Thanks